Bin Services


Our metal balers are capable of converting loose materials into various size bales as per our customer specifications.


We have a demolition and rehabilitation team that specializes in the demolition and removal of steel structures, operating in accordance with all relevant regulations 

Weighbridge Facility


We are capable of cutting all heavy ferrous materials efficiently. Our machinery enables us to provide high performance shearing services to large and small suppliers.

Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metal

We buy ferrous and Non Ferrous metal  in all shapes, formats and sizes. Ferrous metal includes iron and Steel such as metal offcuts from manufacturing, vehicle scrap, home appliances, and demolition site metal. Non Ferrous  include copper, brass, aluminium and aluminium alloys, lead, tin, stainless steel, batteries and electrical cables

Our Team

Nathan williams - owner & CEO

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We are a family owned scrap metal business. For 20 years we have served the city of Port Elizabeth with the best scrap metal solutions, purchasing scrap metal in the most convenient way possible and building a reputation for offering the best prices